What is a Glass Hive?

One of the greatest preachers of all times, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, preached a sermon on June 15, 1856, entitled Omniscience.  The text was a very simple one, Genesis 16:13.  In this sermon, Spurgeon likened the world to a glass bee hive.  I found this an appropriate illustration for our world today.  It seems that our world continues to exist like a glass bee hive.  We continue on about our work and our sin and our folly as if no one is watching.  The whole time, we are like bees buzzing about a big glass hive.

Spurgeon said, “I was looking the other day at a glass bee-hive, and it was very singular to observe the motions of the little creatures inside. Well, now, this world is nothing but a huge glass bee-hive. God looks down on you, and he sees you all. You go into your little cells in the streets of this huge city; you go to your business, your pleasures, your devotions, and your sins ; but remember, wherever you go, you are like the bees under a great glass shade, you can never get away from God’s observation.”

You can read Spurgeon’s sermon Omniscience in it’s entirety by following this link.

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