A Fight for the Family

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:11 that Christians are “not ignorant of his (Satan’s) schemes.”  God has provided for us in Scripture a tome of spiritual warfare and Satanic tactics.  From the very beginning in Eden, when Satan first deceived Eve, to the final Satanic deception found in Revelation 20, when the Devil is eternally cast into the pit, God has given us exhaustive details about our enemy and the nature of the war he wages against us.

It is clear in the Scriptures that one of Satan’s key tactics is the destruction of the family as designed by God.  A survey of Scripture demonstrates just how the family unit is ground zero for Satan’s attack on God and His people.

  • Eve’s deception in the Garden and Adam’s failure to lead
  • Cain’s envy of his brother and subsequent murder
  • Abraham’s failure to trust God and his adultery with Hagar
  • The dysfunction of Jacob’s family
  • Eli’s wicked sons and their subsequent judgment
  • David’s adultery & murder
  • Solomon’s rampant polygamy and subsequent moral collapse
  • The widespread failure of the kings of Israel & Judah to produce godly heirs
  • Herod’s destruction of Bethlehem’s children

Obviously, this list could go on for quite a while, but this sampling is enough to make the point.  It is clear from our contemporary experience that Satan’s war on the family has not been scaled back one bit.  In fact, I believe that as we draw nearer to the day that the Devil meets his demise that we will find the war will only intensify.

Satan has worked tirelessly to ensure that our modern culture fundamentally shifts away from God’s design.  Rampant and radical feminism has cheapened the role of the father and the husband in the home.  Most churches struggle under the weight of spiritually apathetic and lazy men who refuse to lead and leave the spiritual wellbeing of their homes and churches to their wives.   Satan has infected the marriage beds leading to marital dissatisfaction, adultery, and all kinds of fornication.  Physician-assisted homicide of unborn babies has become an acceptable means of birth control, leaving in its wake a culture of irresponsibility and immaturity.  And sodomy is celebrated while biblical monogamy is seen as only one option among many.

On this Mother’s Day, we desperately need a revival of the Christian family.  We need moms and dads who not only know their biblical responsibilities but also EMBRACE them.  We need husbands to love their wives as Christ loves his church and watch as wives gladly submit to such a sacrificial love.  We need children to commit to honor their fathers and mothers, submitting to their godly authority.  We need God’s people to recognize that they are God’s children, and fully submit themselves to his righteous rule.  Since we know that the destruction of the family is one of Satan’s schemes against us, let us no longer lose our battle on this front, but go on the offensive and regain territory that has long been lost.

In Christ,

Pastor Brian


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