My Son’s First Easter…Sermon

This week, I noticed something interesting begin to take place in the life of my youngest child – he has started preaching.  Now, he’s probably a long way from his first sermon – though I suspect some would rather listen to him than his daddy.  Nonetheless, he has started preaching a pretty good understanding of the Gospel, at least for someone who is four months from his fourth birthday.

One morning this week, he marched down the hallway of our house and declared “JESUS IS GOD!”

I was pretty impressed with his declaration.  To understand ⅔ of the Trinity is better than every Muslim, Jew, Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon that walks the planet.  We may not be quite ready to go for the Holy Spirit – we are Baptists after all.

Then he preached the second point of his three-point sermon, “Jesus DIED for our sins!”

AMEN!  We were almost ready for an invitation.  But everyone knows that if we stop at Good Friday, we’ve got no hope.  We still need another point in the sermon.

So, in true preacher form, he gave his third point in the form of a question.  He said, “Daddy, HOW long was Jesus in the tomb?”  I smiled and played dumb.

“THREE DAYS,” came the bold proclamation from my son, “and Jesus is ALIVE!” he concluded.  I was ready for an invitation hymn!

Isn’t it interesting how a child can have such confidence in the greatest story ever told?  While it certainly requires a measure of faith to accept the truth of the resurrection, it doesn’t take much.  I was reminded of that this week when I heard, more than once, the basic gospel, proclaimed from the lips of my youngest.  He doesn’t understand the intricacies of theology, but he is no less excited about this Good News that he has learned through his family, his church, and his school.

And while he is still a few years off from understanding his sin nature and the significance of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice, when that time comes, there is a firm foundation in place reminding him that Jesus not only died for our sins, but that he conquered death with his victorious resurrection.  I can’t wait for the day that those dots connect.

They certainly did for his older brother.  I’ll never forget the day that all the sermons preached, all the AWANA verses memorized, and all the teaching/rebuking/admonishing that takes place in the home finally connected.  Broken in spirit, under a great burden of conviction, he gave his life to Christ, trusting completely in the Gospel.  The resurrection became more than just a Bible story, it became a source of immovable hope.

I pray that the resurrection of Jesus is more than just a Bible story for you.  I hope that it is more than just an excuse to come to church this weekend.  My prayer is that the truth of the resurrection will draw you near to Christ, to trust him completely, and let your hope be firmly planted in Him.  It really is a simple thing, but we know that the truth of the resurrection changes absolutely everything.  Rejoice today, because we serve a living Savior!  Jesus is ALIVE!


He is Risen, Hallelujah!

Pastor Brian


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