It Does THE BODY Good

When you think about memorable marketing campaigns, it seems that cows are a win-win situation. Chick-fil-A is of course known for their semi-literate, phonetic holsteins constantly lobbying for the hungry public to give up burgers and give chikin a chance. Dairy farmers in California actually taught the CFA cows how to speak. Their “happy cows” commercials sell us with the pitch, “Great milk comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California.” The famous “Got Milk” marketing blitz is also from California. Instead of using cows to sell a product, they use celebrities to sell the product of cows!

Truthfully, I’ve never given much thought to the need to advertise milk. It isn’t like I have a difficult decision about what I soak my cereal in. No celebrity mustache influences my decision and I’m not really worried about whether or not my milk comes from happy cows in California or manic-depressive cows in Georgia.

It is interesting that Peter uses the analogy of milk to help us understand the necessity for spiritual growth and vitality. He says in 1 Peter 2:2, that we should, like newborn babies, desire pure spiritual milk. Peter is not saying that we are immature, spiritual infants, rather that our desire for pure spiritual milk should be like that of a newborn.

As a general rule, you don’t have to teach a newborn how to eat. They just dig right in. Their mouths are perfectly suited for the task at hand. When they finish eating, it’s just a matter of a couple of hours before they’re ready for some more. You don’t have to teach a newborn how to desire more. The haggard look on a mom with a newborn lets you know that the baby had no problem desiring more milk two or three times throughout the night!

Peter says that our desire for pure, spiritual milk should be like that of a newborn desiring biological milk! The only question left is “What is pure spiritual milk?” Simply put, it is the Word of God. That is the only pure, spiritual milk that we can turn to for spiritual nourishment.

This begs the question, “How strong is your desire for the Word of God?” Does it wake you up at night like a newborn’s hunger? Do you find yourself seeking to learn more about it by connecting with Bible Studies and Sunday School? Or, does your consumption of the Word look more like a fast? While fasting from food certainly has spiritual benefit, fasting from the Word is nothing but a spiritual detriment. Some of you only “consume” the Word once a week, when the pastor asks you to open your Bible to his sermon text. If a baby only drank milk once a week, and then only at the prompting of his mother, that baby would most likely not survive!

Could the spiritual void in your life simply be the result of a dangerous fast from the Word of God? Though we certainly discourage gluttony, allow me to invite you to a feast filled with pure spiritual milk. Let the Word of God take priority in your life and let your desire for more of it be like a baby’s desire for another round of good, pure milk. One thing the milk marketers got right, “Milk, it does a body good” (especially when that body is the Body of Christ).

Drink it Up!
Pastor Brian



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