It’s Here!

I’ll never forget the first time Heather brought me home to meet her family.  I had the privilege of sleeping on the couch in the living room.  I was already nervous about being there, so sleep didn’t come very readily.  When I had finally dozed off, I was abruptly awakened by what I honestly thought was an earthquake.  The windows were rattling, dishes were shaking, and I was almost ready to head out into the yard, but the “tremor” passed fairly quickly.

When morning finally arrived, I asked Heather if she felt the earthquake.  Puzzled, she looked at me and said, “Earthquake? Oh, you must’ve heard the train.”  Sure enough, just across the road, there were the railroad tracks.  For someone who didn’t grow up anywhere near railroad tracks, the train coming by in the middle of the night was like standing next to the San Andreas during an earthquake.  For someone who was used to the passing of the train, it was just a regular part of the night.

One thing about trains, you really can feel them coming.  The power, intensity, and size of a freight train create a force to be reckoned with.  That’s even before they lay into the horn to alert folks of their approach.  Trains and revivals have a lot in common.

In Acts 2, the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of the universe occurs.  The disciples had been sequestered away, awaiting the advent of Jesus’ promise to provide a counselor.  Did Jesus ever keep His promise!  The Bible records that those gathered in the room heard a sound like a violent wind.  The wind didn’t actually blow, but the sound must’ve been deafening.  Like a freight train rumbling down the tracks, revival was coming!  We celebrate that revival every time we speak of Pentecost.

Verse 6 indicates that even those outside the gathering place of the disciples heard the sound and came to investigate. When they did, they were confronted with the Gospel, and by another miracle of God, they heard it in their own language.  Revival cannot be contained within the walls of the church anymore than the sound of a freight train can be contained.  Many churches schedule revival – some twice a year.  But we must understand that true revival is impossible to contain.  True, biblical revival spills out of the church and into the streets and neighborhoods and communities around it.  The effect of the revival at Pentecost was that the church grew by thousands.

So, we have been calling for revival for months.  We have been praying for weeks.  Are we ready to see an outpouring of the Spirit of God on our lives, our church, and our community?  Are we ready to do what it takes to see biblical revival break loose in our midst?  Are we prepared to deal with broken relationships and besetting sins?  Are we prepared to lay aside every burden that keeps us from living to our maximum potential as children of the Most High?  Are we prepared to share Jesus Christ with the community in which He has planted us to serve?

Listen carefully, can you hear the wind of revival blowing?

Or is that just another train rumbling down the tracks?

Revival is Here!

Pastor Brian


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