Reviving Responsibility

A few weeks ago, my mother & father-in-law were in town for a program that Gabe was participating in.  They parked their van and went inside to see the program.  Unbeknownst to them, while they were inside, someone backed into their parked van, leaving a rather large crease in the back door.  When they realized that they had done, the careless driver quickly moved their car across the parking lot.  What they didn’t realize was that someone witnessed the whole thing, taking down their tag number in the process. When my in-laws came outside, the eyewitness told them what they had seen, and gave them the tag number of the offender.

There are probably few things in this life that are more frustrating than someone making an obvious mistake and failing to take responsibility for their actions. If you are reading this, then I can’t help but believe that you are a fan of personal responsibility.  If personal responsibility had a Facebook page, you would most definitely “like” it.  Most reasonable minded people believe personal responsibility to be one of those characteristics that honorable people possess.  But just how much responsibility are you willing to take?

In preparation for our mission trip to Jamaica, I have been studying through the book of Jonah.  I have read Jonah many times, but this time, something critical jumped out of the pages of this brief prophetic book. When God first came to Jonah, all he was asked to do was to go and preach to the city.  Instead of being obedient to the Lord, he ran the opposite direction.  We know what happened next.

While we can hope that God might have had another prophet on deck just in case Jonah didn’t fess up to his folly, the book of Jonah leads us to believe that the fate of Nineveh rested totally on the shoulders of this reluctant prophet.  God even said in Jonah 4:11, after Jonah’s pity party, “Should I not care about the great city of Nineveh, which has more than 120,000 people who cannot distinguish between their right and their left?”  Talk about personal responsibility!

So, who has God placed in your life that may be depending on you to share with them the Good News?  Is it a coworker, a neighbor, a sibling, a buddy?  Perhaps there is great risk in being so bold with your faith.  There was certainly risk for Jonah to go to Nineveh.  The Ninevites were a wicked bunch of folks and butchering a Jewish prophet might have been a pleasant diversion from their typical treachery.  The risks you face might be a strained relationship or an awkward work environment.  But in everything God requires, the rewards far outweigh the risks.  Besides, wouldn’t you feel better going to bed at night knowing that you’ve done your part in passing along the Good News?  Wouldn’t you rather take personal responsibility for the call of God on your life instead of hoping someone else would do it?  God may be looking to you to be the messenger.

Maybe revival is what you need to get you motivated to take the Good News to your own Nineveh.  Nineveh had 40 days before God would send destruction.  We’ve got two weeks before we enter revival.  Take the next two weeks praying and planning on what God may want to do in your life.  Ask God to lay some soul upon your heart that needs you to share the greatest news ever told.

Revive Us Again!

Pastor Brian


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