Braking Revival

What is the single biggest hindrance to revival?

If you said “sin” then you just earned a star.  Sin will put the brakes on a movement of God in no time at all.  Inasmuch as the scriptures show when God is active and His people are responsive to His activity, we can also see how sin and folly can quench God’s activity among His people.

One of greatest example of this comes to us from Numbers 13.  This passage is very familiar to us.  God was ready to fulfill His promise to Abraham to give the nation the land.  They had sojourned in Egypt long enough.  They had been beneficiaries of God’s miraculous provision and guidance.  It was time to make their entrance into Canaan.  If the stage was ever set for revival, it must have been set for the day that the nation of Israel entered into the land that God had promised.  An Academy Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter couldn’t have set a better stage.

200 or more years enslaved in Egypt.  A year at Mt. Sinai, making spiritual preparations to take the land.  God’s steadfast guidance through the presence of the cloud and the fire.  God’s faithful provision through manna and quail.  It was time for this story to culminate in a victorious march into Canaan and the undying worship and adoration of God’s people.


The devilish duo of disbelief and distrust distracted the nation.  The giants are too tall!  The cities are too fortified!  Our enemies are too powerful!  Instead of God’s people taking hold of God’s promises at the epitome of a miraculous journey of faith, they flopped. Sin won.  The nation took door #3, which guaranteed them 40 years of struggles, a couple of million funerals, and the nation NEVER fully possessed the land that God had promised. If that’s not a lesson on the significance of sin, I don’t know what is.

So here we find ourselves, waiting for revival, praying for a fresh move of the Spirit of God.  Now would be a good time to take a long hard look at sin.  You may think that your sin is private and that no one will ever know.  You may think that your sin is insignificant and that it will never affect anyone but you.  But we must remember that God doesn’t grade sin like we do.  I’m sure the 10 spies found their fears justified.  The giants were tall.  The cities were fortified.  The enemies were powerful. But the daunting circumstances were no match for the faithful promises of God.

Your sin matters and it matters to your church.  Revival begins soon.  Would you join me as we pray that God would reveal the sin in our hearts from which we need to repent.  There may be forgiveness that needs to be granted.  There may be bitterness that needs to be uprooted.  There may be secret sins that no one knows about but you and God.  Would you ask God to purge those sins from your heart so that you may be prepared to take hold of the promises that God has for you.

Repentance is a prerequisite for revival.  Today is a GREAT day to start!

Revive Us Again!

Pastor Brian


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