Over the last several weeks, I have been considering the impact mobile technology has had on the process of discipleship in our churches.  iPhones and Androids (and even BlackBerries) have given us a world of information at our fingertips.  Just like everything else, that information can be used both for evil purposes and for good. Christians who have embraced this technological revolution are wise to recognize the amazing potential that technology can offer – especially in terms of their faith.

Just this week, I saw that Google had rolled out Google Wallet.  This service, still in beta version, has the potential to replace the user’s debit and credit cards.  Again, I’m a fan of this.  I look forward to the day that the only thing I need to carry with me is my phone and my pocket knife – and maybe a tube of chap stick.  Today’s smartphones have the capability of replacing even car keys and garage door openers in the not so distant future.  A company called Viper already has an app called Startsmart, allowing equipped cars to be started remotely through the app.

Even with all the Buzz about Google Wallet, forget about it for a moment.  Remember the old tract wallets?  You don’t see those too much any more.  But there was a day where good Christians carried around a wallet with their favorite tract.  Since technology is replacing the money wallet, you guessed it – it has even replaced the tract wallet (sort of – you can’t very well leave your phone with someone to look at later).

Two apps jump out, again they are free.

First, AWANA has published an excellent evangelism app called the Gospel App.  This app has different presentations for different age groups.  It is based upon a very solid biblical presentation of the Gospel.  Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less coming from AWANA.

Secondly, a group called Spread Truth Ministries has published an app called The Story.  This app is really created for someone to share the Good News with someone with not background knowledge of the Bible.  It begins with Creation, laying the foundation for establishing a biblical worldview.  The Story has a social networking component that allows you to share The Story on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  When you use The Story, you establish a user account, so you can actually see if people have visited the site as a result of your sharing.

As with all evangelism methods, training is a must.  You can’t expect to be able to use either of these apps without being familiar with their format and presentation.

Of course, there is no substitute for the Bible.  So, if you can combine a good, useful Bible app with one of these app tracts, you’ll be on your way to being a well equipped iEvangelist.

Get to work,

Pastor Brian


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