When God Says Jump…

When God says jump, what do you say?  I know, I know, the right answer is supposed to be “How high?”  But is that really the answer that we give?

Perhaps we give the answer of the procrastinator.  The divine call to “jump” comes to us and our response is “Right now?”  We continue to reason with God, “I don’t mind jumping, but I just don’t think I am ready for this big of an assignment.  Can’t we take a little time and go to jump school, read a few books about jumping, and maybe do some bunny hops just to get ready.  God, I’ll jump, but I’ve got to have some time to get ready.

Perhaps we give the answer of the reluctant volunteer.  “God, are you sure you need me to jump?  I have been really busy lately.  I even kept the church nursery last week.  I don’t know if I have time to jump right now.  But Lord, if nobody else will do it, I guess I will, but surely there is someone else that can jump.”

Maybe we give the answer of the retiree.  “God, I’ve spent a lot of years jumping.  To be quite honest, I’m pretty tired of jumping.  Isn’t there an easier assignment that won’t require me to jump?  Can’t I sit somewhere and pray and just watch and worship?  We’ve had a good run and I’m just too tired to jump now.  Besides, jumping is really bad on my knees.

Sometimes, we give the answer of the doubter.  “Lord, was that you just now?  I heard someone say jump, but I can’t be sure that it was you.  Was it the devil trying to distract me from other things?  I know someone said jump but I need you to confirm that it was you.”

You might even give the answer of the visionary.  “God, really?  Jumping is so old school.  Surely there must be a better colloquialism than this.  Why don’t we go to a conference and learn what others are doing and see if there is a better, more effective option than jumping.”

The point of all this is quite simple.  Believing that God can say “jump” and believing that you can hear Him say “jump” are quite different from actually jumping.  Some would say that faith is simply believing that God is there and his commands are true, but at some point there must be an active component to it as well.  When you consider the Scriptures, you will be hard pressed to find anyone described as having faith who is not actually acting on their faith.  In a very real sense, faith is a verb.

In 1 Samuel 29-30, David is confronted with a tragic situation in which his community was ravaged by the Amalekites.  They even kidnapped the families of David and his army.  In a crisis of faith, bigger than anything David had ever faced, we are told in 1 Samuel 30:6 that David sought strength from God and then acted upon that strength.  It was faith, but not a passive, “sit and wait” style of faith, it was active.  David moved.  In a very real way, David jumped when God said to do so.

So, are you a person of faith?  What do you do when God says jump?  For you, jumping may be teaching a class, going on a mission trip, crossing the street to talk to your lost neighbor.  It may not be any of those things.  But when God expects you to jump, there really is only one answer.  Believe it or not, for the person of faith, the answer is not, “How high?”  For the person of faith, when God says jump, the only right answer is to start jumping as high as you possibly can!

Are you ready to jump?

Pastor Brian



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