The History of the Future

As I write this, the sun is coming up on a cold and blustery Thursday.  They tell me that there is a threat of snow today.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  I chuckled to myself when I heard all of the school systems changing their plans today with dozens planning early dismissal or closing because of the threat of a dusting of snow.

Admittedly, I do not understand the intricacies of weather forecasting, but for whatever reason, meteorologists seems to have a difficult time pinning down the forecast of snow in the south.  Sometimes I wonder if the weather guy wouldn’t be better off by going over to “Madam Zorah’s Psychic Advisor and Tanning Salon” to figure out how much snow is coming than by trusting the “computer models.”  The best way for us to figure out how much snow is coming is to go out and measure it when the flakes stop falling!

Truthfully, we enjoy knowing what is in store for us tomorrow.  We want to make plans.  We have to make the last minute dash to the grocery store to purchase milk and bread – both of which are highly overrated.  On a cold snowy day, I would much rather have a hot bowl of soup instead of a slice of bread.  And a steaming cup of coffee trumps a cold glass of milk any day!  We want to know these things so we can plan accordingly.

What if we could plan further into the future?  Not like the 7-day weather forecast, but further.  What if we knew what was going to happen next month, or next year.  What if we knew what would happen in the next century?  Would we plan differently?  What if you knew that the United States would cease to exist in the next 100 years, would you do things differently today?

Clearly, a meteorologist cannot tell us these things.  They’re struggling to get 8 hours from now correct.  But there is One who can.  There is One for whom the future is as real as the present and as memorable as the past.  One of God’s characteristics is His omnipresence.  In brief, that means that God’s presence is not limited by geography.  But neither is it limited by chronology.  Jesus says it in the New Testament apocalypse – “I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”  To us, the future appears chaotic, random, and changeable.   To God, the future is as fixed as the past.

The book of Daniel reinforces this amazing characteristic of God.  The Old Testament is full of prophesy.  The book of Daniel is prophecy on steroids.  Not only does it give a preview of the future, it does so with remarkable accuracy.  This is easily seen in chapter 8, which symbolically presents the events after the fall of Babylon with the accuracy that could only come from God.  We have the luxury of the historical record of those events, Daniel did not.  Daniel recorded a vision of the future that was as accurate as history because the One who holds the future revealed it to him.

Does your life feel out of control and happenstance?  Fear not, for there is One who is never surprised by our tomorrows.  Even with the events taking place around the world, our God is not frantically pacing the situation room of heaven trying to define a response.  Our God not only sees our crises today, he holds the resolutions to our crises for tomorrow.  Ultimately, this all points to a crucial question – don’t you think that a God who holds the future is worth following today?  Remember, our God is the only One who knows the history of the future.

…and yes, God knows exactly how much snow Atlanta will get tonight.

Praising the Alpha and Omega,

Pastor Brian


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