Encouraging News from Friends in Mexico

This was an email sent to me by some dear friends doing work among the Aztec peoples of central Mexico.  God is doing amazing things among this ancient people.  This testimony, though the English is very rough, gives much glory to our Lord.  I hope that it is a blessing to you!

Beloved in the Lord, A wonderful expression these days is “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and we wish you a wonderful time during this season, with the Lord, with your Family and with the Saints at the Chapel. Thanks for your love and prayers for us, for the radio programs and for our Aztec peoples. Nine years ago we began visiting Tzacuala Tehuipango where a band of thieves were giving serious problems to many people, they even robbed the electronic equipment of the local Primary School. They were 14 children 4 to 12 years old! We asked you to pray for them and soon we began to see fruit, most of them made a decision for Christ and their lives were amazingly changed. Some of them have been shining for the Lord. Their parents have been friendly with us and have been letting their children come to the Bible class, but no adults would want to listen to the Gospel. Something had to happen to shake up their lives and their strong Roman Catholic beliefs, and it did.

On December 1 a terrible accident happened when a speeding truck ran over Gloria (4) and Andrea (6),  God’s loving girls. Gloria went to be with the Lord immediately and Andrea was taken to the Hospital where the doctors told the parents to be prepared because she was going to surely die soon. We prayed for her in the Assembly and the doctors and her parents were amazed at her so fast recovery! In the process Gloria’s burial was done and before the body was taken to the cemetery we had a meeting at Gloria’s family home. When Abel and Laurencio were preaching the Gospel a man came in to the room and with a very loud voice he shouted “be quiet” “shut up!” and immediately our brothers stopped preaching thinking that the man was referring to them, but they had quite a surprise when he said “I am not telling you brothers to stop speaking to us about de Word of God, but to those women talking and making noise! Referring to a group of women doing it, they were the Roman Catholic women who had come to say their Roman Catholic ritualistic prayers and did not want the Word of God to be preached. Gloria’s parents and two uncles, the man who wanted to listen to the Word of God, plus several other adults made a decision for Christ!

Later on at the cemetery, again the Gospel was preached and more adults including the brother of the man who drove the truck in the accident, with tears in his eyes accepted Christ as their Savior! We have kept on having meetings every day ever since. On the fifth day when Andrea returned to her home from the hospital, she did not know that Gloria was with the Lord, and her father asked Juan to tell her about her sister. He told her about heaven and hell and about Gloria’s Savior and about Lazarus being taken by the Angels, when she heard that she said “at the moment of the accident I saw two men with white robes coming down from heaven where Gloria was, so, she was taken up to be with Jesus!” She did not shed any tears, neither was she sad, she just asked, “Would Jesus have already given her something to eat? Would Jesus have given her some clothing and shoes? And a bed?”

After her questions were answered, several songs that Gloria used to sing were sung and the one that she liked the most too: “I will praise the Lord with my heart, my soul, my voice, my hands my feet! And if I do not have my voice I will praise Him with my hands, if I do not have my hands I will praise Him with my feet, if I do not have my feet I will praise him with my heart, if I do not have my heart I will praise Him with my soul, and if I do not have my Soul IT IS BECAUSE I WENT TO BE WITH HIM!” We can only say, PRAISE THE LORD THIS CHRISTMAS! AND WHILE WE ARE HERE; LET US GIVE CHILDREN AND ADULTS AROUND US HIS WONDERFUL MESSAGE OF THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!


Yours in His Love and Victory,

Pepe and Judy Barrios


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